Your Face Means the World to Me! (And to the World…)

 Right after the book came out, a very dear friend posted this selfie on Facebook with just the caption: “BUY THIS BOOK”


It started an awesome conversation on his page, which resulted in at least two book sales that I know of, and probably a lot more.  True viral marketing at its finest.


Ramesh reader galleryI was then inspired to ask everyone else to do the same, and so many did! But now, it’s time to send another reminder.

If you’ve got your copy, take a picture of yourself with it!  Even if it’s on your Kindle or iPad or laptop, the cover should appear on screen, right?

That looks something like this —>>>

Then, once you have an adorable picture that you love, please post it EVERYWHERE! Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr — wherever photos of you may be found.

You can also post them on the Happiness as a Second Language Facebook page.  Most importantly, send them to me and I will add them to the Reader Gallery, so if you want to be included, don’t hesitate to snap and share. I can’t wait to add yours to these gorgeous mugs:

Full Reader Gallery

My book came out a year ago and this has been one of the best years of my life.  I love talking about it!  I love finding new and unique ways to promote it.  I made a video for the book (not exactly a trailer…you’ll see) that was as much fun to conceive and work on as any film project I’ve ever done.  This is why I wrote and published this book — to share Happiness with the world and have a blast doing it!

Please — take a snapshot of yourself with Happiness as a Second Language and share it with me, your friends and the world.  Together, let’s spread Happiness far and wide.

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