Women Entrepreneurs — Video #1 — Intro

Hi Happiness Fans,

On October 22nd, I had the privilege of being part of the Women Entrepreneurs panel at Digital Hollywood. Last month, I posted the full video of our panel plus the one before it, but it was 4 hours long and I can’t imagine too many people have the time or attention span for that these days.

So instead of  4 hours, how about 2 minutes?

I’ve gone through the entire event and selected six 1-3 minute segments that I think you’ll really enjoy. I will be posting one every other day for the next 12 days. The first is just a little about me, and how I got to the place where I am now.

The rest contain compelling, comic and seriously controversial content. Be sure to tune in for all of them and share with your friends.

From Digital Hollywood 2014: Women Entrepreneurs Panel Intro for Valerie Alexander


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