Why Eating Too Many Tacos Made Me Happy

This past Saturday, there was an event here in Los Angeles called TACOLANDIA. Yes — that’s right — all tacos, all day (although actually just 3:00 – 7:00 pm) — all you can eat.

In short. It was good. It was crazy good. Some tacos were better than others, but of the 25 or so that I had, only one — ONE was downright bad. I also made a rookie move and didn’t thoroughly verify which salsa was “the spicy one” at an early stop, so had to go running to the milk sample stands as my eyes watered and my ears started to hurt. No lie — it was so spicy, my EARS hurt. I am pretty sure the word “habanero” came after “Mango” but I didn’t notice until taking a huge bite.IMG_2966

The milk was truly helpful, but didn’t 100% do the trick, so luckily Jarritos was on hand giving away full-sized bottles of soda. I grabbed the sugariest one I could (guava) and chugged it. That restored peace to my tongue and gums, but unfortunately, was a tad filling. Dammit. I was only about six tacos in and I was already feeling full. But I soldiered on and managed to down almost 20 more, plus some birria.

SIMG_2959o what about the day made me so happy (besides the tacos…I mean, Duh! Right?)

I was happy because I leapt wayyy outside my comfort zone and went…alone.

Upon discovering my partner couldn’t come, with too short of notice to ask anyone else to buy a ticket, I just sucked it up and decided to go by myself. And you know what? It was great! The lines were long and I managed to find nice people to talk to in all of them. That was perfect, as each person had a different “must go!” to recommend. (My personal favorite was the pork belly taco from RBTA X Monkey Bar, but the lobster taco from Slapfish and the insane fried cheese & filet mignon at Puesto simply rocked!)


Frankly my dear, I have come to realize that when a woman reaches a certain age, she just has no damns left to give. This is why you may catch sight of me at a movie in sweats, or hiking with legs about two days past “maybe I should shave…”

In my youth, I would’ve been convinced everyone was looking at me, wondering why I was there by myself. Annoyed that I joined their conversation. Now — I hope you’re happy to have me here, because I am happy to be here, and will just go right on being so! Can you imagine missing something as awesome as a lobster taco because you are worried about what strangers might think? Hell, I’m so over that…I took two!IMG_2963IMG_2961

If you are in LA this time next year, or if a Tacolandia comes to your town, don’t let anything silly like having no one to go with keep you away. Go! You might just run into a happy blogger you know!










(And if you organize an event like Tacolandia, thanks! But you can do better…

It would have been great to have the sign of what each booth was serving above the booth! It added to the crowdedness of the whole event that people had to walk all the way to the front of the line to see if they wanted what someone was serving. And speaking of lines — stanchions are your friend! Lines could have snaked back and forth in front of each booth instead of crossing the entire roadway and sometimes having to loop around even then, blocking all traffic and creating mass confusion. The tacos were worth the wait, but the wait could’ve been better managed. Can’t wait to see how you do it next year…)


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2 thoughts on “Why Eating Too Many Tacos Made Me Happy

  • Nancy Tierney

    I’ve gone to sooo many events alone as often picky, choosy lady pals felt out of their comfort zone. Finding I have more fun by myself more now. I prefer solo junkets, whether it’s too a food truck & beer fest for charity, or a 10 day trip to Puerto Vallarta when one’s partner bails @ last minute. That trip was a blast! I joined up w/two equally-adventuresome women…a mother-daughter set of fellow travelers from Canada. They invited me to the Lady of Guadalupe parade and then go out on a pirate ship to watch the sunset. We marched out of the huge old cathedral helping to carry the Blessed Virgin’s statues through the village and back to their pedestals. Then feasted on Mexican fare & cerveza. Moonlight Pirate ship was back well after dark and we safely walked through the village back to our hotel to the strains of lovely Spanish serenades. The gal who changed her mind on going was the goat. I WON BIG by being open & flexible!

    • Valerie Alexander Post author

      I love it! Happy to hear you enjoy this. Truly, I did have more fun on my own, not having to worry if anyone else wanted to do what I was doing, thought the lines were too long, etc. I saw a lot of groups arguing over where to go or what to try next.