Three Sure Signs That You Don’t Control the Universe

Well, best laid plans and all…

Remember last week, when I said I would blog here on Monday, reblog on Tuesday, and post to the Huffington Post on Thursday?  Sigh…

There’s a great explanation for why it didn’t go that way, which I will write about tomorrow, but for now I’m happy to report that my latest article, Three Sure Signs That a Person Is Not Happy, is finally up on the Huffington Post. I hope you’ll read it, comment on it, share it, and otherwise forgive me that it wasn’t there on Thursday.

Lessons have been learned, and ideally, I will be able to resume the outlined schedule this week.
We’ll see.
After all, I don’t control the Universe.
Or anyone else’s editorial department.

Thanks, readers.  You remain awesome.

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2 thoughts on “Three Sure Signs That You Don’t Control the Universe

  • Emily Andros

    Valerie! Great first article.

    Seriously I’m very picky about other people’s writing (naturally mine is perfect…ha). I think your article had a friendly tone and was readable….it had intelligent and well organized content (bravo!) and thankfully it had a wonderful tempo (I secretly hate it when someone’s writing is clumsy and non-musical).

    Good work and congratulations on a job well done.


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