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11 thoughts on “The Wrong Peter

  • Keith Domingue

    I really enjoyed meeting with you and cannot wait to read your new book. From what you told me, it sounds like a winner. Please keep us posted on its availability.

  • Christina

    One lesson that I learned from the adventure recounted in your blog this evening is that “putting yourself out there” or seeking what you hope to find often results in finding what you need. The universe meets our energy and responds in kind. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • Clifford J. Green

    Hilarious! What’s just as funny is that, other than the branding Peter, I know everyone in your story… Best regards, Valerie, C…

  • Thea

    Valerie, great story – and a fabulous example of going with the flow, assuming that how it’s turning out is exactly how it’s supposed to, and trust. Thanks for sharing it!

  • stanley d

    Very touching Valerie. I believe I have a similar uniqeness but I find it impossible to say at this very moment while staying in the Here and Now. But I shall add, I found your experience charming and beguiling.
    stan d

  • firstcauseproject

    I’ve heard of face-blindness before, and have always thought it must be a heck or a thing to go through! It’s good of you to share this story. I must say, however, I don’t believe that your husband’s response was “typically male”…half of my ex-gfs would have responded similarly! Nevertheless, what a story. I’m glad you were able to at least come to an understanding of what the issue was! Talk about something that throws a wrench in everyday activity…

  • speakhappiness

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