The Cool Thing About Happiness

Here’s the coolest thing in the world — when you write a blog and a book about happiness, people just want to share their happiness with you.  They send you other blog posts, and articles, and JPEGs that are just all about being happy, choosing happy, spreading happy.  My life is significantly improved by always being made aware of happiness in the world.  And this post is the direct result of that.

Going along with my endless posting about choosing to be nice instead of nasty, and how life is better that way, my friend David sent me this article.

What to do if someone parks in your driveway

You MUST read it to the end.  The outcome is so beautiful, when the writer discovers the truth, and knows he made the right choice.  Hopefully it will make some people think twice about going with their baser instincts in such a situation.

I’ve been the person who chose angry, and I’ve been the person who chose happy.

Happy is better.

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