The Best $1.50 I Ever Spent


About 20 minutes from our house is a $3.00 movie theater.  On Tuesdays and Sundays, tickets are half price.  This means that on a Tuesday afternoon, my husband and I can catch a double feature for $6.00.

So last week we were there to see Hotel Transylvania and Wreck-It-Ralph (both great movies!) and I ran in to buy the tickets while he parked.  An older man in front of me was there by himself, seeing Skyfall, and when he handed the clerk his Visa to pay, he was told they take cash only.  She suggested he go to the ATM in the lobby, but warned that it charges a $3.00 fee, plus whatever fee his bank might charge.  He was about two seconds from getting really upset, when I said, “I’ve got it.”

I mean, really. It was $1.50.  And yet everyone involved in the transaction was stunned.  I’m not sure why.  This kind of thing should be happening there every Tuesday and Sunday, but I guess it doesn’t.  Now, I want to make it my mission to spread the love.  Next time, I’m going to try to find a single mom with kids and pay for their tickets.  Or a group of teenagers.

Can you possibly think of a better use of money than surprising a stranger with happiness?

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