The Act of Thoughtful Sharing

I saw something neat on the Internet today about introverts, and while that doesn’t apply to me (I am not introverted at all – almost to a fault), it seemed pretty accurate, so I passed it along to the one person I know who most struggles with this issue.  (The issue being how misunderstood introvert behavior can be.)

As it turns out, the little cartoon I shared is incredibly accurate.  It perfectly describes both how an introvert feels, and how the rest of us should respect that.  It also brought tears to the person I sent it to, who had never, ever seen this condition so clearly spelled out and felt waves of relief at having something to share with others who fail to comprehend what life is like for the non “people-people” among us.

I am so happy I shared this!  It totally made my day to get such a heartfelt response, and in a small way, made the world a better place.

Here is the link.  Please share it with everyone who it might touch.

Happy Monday!

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