#SpeakHappiness Wednesday

IMG_7271 You can make the world happier!

You must have something in your life that you find incredibly cool.  It could be a little discovery, a favorite food, an unknown artist, a great app. You might feel goofy or self-conscious about sharing it, but now is the day.  Tell the world about your cool thing.

Mine is this website: http://detoxinista.com
The recipes are incredible for anyone looking to eat healthier without having to sacrifice real food.

So what’s your? Share it here, on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, via email.  No reason to keep it secret when it could make someone else’s day a lot better. Spread Happiness!

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One thought on “#SpeakHappiness Wednesday

  • Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt

    Mine is the incredible rush that comes from knowing my first novel, Pride’s Children, Book 1, WILL be published when I’m ready, finish 2.5 more chapters, take care of details such as cover and description, and publish it myself on Amazon.

    The knowledge that I won’t have to beg for an agent, tolerate whatever cover a publisher might want to grace MY book with, WAIT endlessly for the mail to bring me the gatekeeper’s benediction (I tried that with the first novel), and be responsible only to myself is heady.

    It’s a huge responsibility to take on publishing yourself – but the webs have been incredibly generous with information, advice, and examples – and the moment in history is NOW.

    Talk about happy.