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The powerful, effective talks in the Speak Happiness! series are:

  • Happiness in the Workplace Every Day: How to Increase Productivity, Lower Costs and Maximize Profits by Making Happiness a Priority in the Workplace
  • Happiness for Artists, Entrepreneurs and Self-Starters: How to Move Forward, Stay Positive and Avoid Falling into the “Failure Spiral”
  • Speak Happiness! Tips, Techniques and Brain Exercises to Help ANYONE Achieve Lasting, Permanent Happiness 

Happiness in the Workplace Every Day 

The Gallup organization has been studying workplace happiness for over a decade and their most recent report concludes that American companies lose $450-550 billion per year as a result of workplace unhappiness. Yes, billion.

Unhappy workers are more likely to call in sick, quit without notice, steal, sell company secrets, engage in workplace violence and bullying, get injured on the job and simply disengage.

Happiness in the Workplace Every Day is one of the most cost-effective tools you can bring into your organization to solve these problems.  In it, we address the issues of “Accidental Managers,” toxic employees and a disengaged workforce.

During this session, I discuss the science behind happiness at work, show employees what they can do for themselves to boost happy signals in their brains and disrupt unhappy ones, even when dealing with the worst customers, clients, bosses or co-workers. I give management easy adjustments in communication and policy that instantly make a huge difference among any workforce. This workshop also covers how to shift corporate culture towards employee well-being — a change that can have an enormously positive impact on the bottom line.


Happiness for Artists, Entrepreneurs and Self-Starters 

Being self-employed is one of the most isolating, emotionally taxing career choices a person can make. There is little feedback, few or no colleagues, and no matter how much work you put in, success can be arbitrary.

Whether you are an actor, a writer, a real estate agent, a network marketer, a doctor, a financial planner, a dog walker or a stay-at-home mom selling on eBay to make ends meet, this workshop will show you how to start and end your workday happy, how to find simple happiness in the tasks you must do, ways to acknowledge yourself for all that you are achieving, and, most importantly, how to spot, stop and reverse the “failure spiral” that we all occasionally find ourselves falling into it.

How to Move Forward, Stay Positive and Avoid Falling Into the “Failure Spiral” is the workshop for anyone who has struck out on their own, and is now wondering how to get through a day without feeling beaten up, beaten down, and just plain done. It is possible, and easier than you might think!

Speak Happiness!

This fun, powerful workshop starts with an overview of the brain activities that create happy and unhappy signals, then covers basic techniques for boosting happiness and stopping unhappiness, and concludes with several easy, effective exercises that anyone can do to train their brains how to be happy, regardless of their circumstances.

Speak Happiness! teaches happiness as if it’s a foreign language, which to many of us, it is. This talk includes worksheets, practice-at-home reminders and fun swag for all participants!


Intended Outcomes 

  1. Workshop participants leave with a range of powerful techniques for achieving lasting happiness that they can begin to implement immediately.
  2. Attendees will understand why the brain defaults to negative impulses and reactions, and how to re-route those neural pathways for happiness.
  3. Everyone will feel less stressed over trying to “be happy,” by being given the freedom to get it wrong, and a roadmap for how to get back on track.
  4. Artists, entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals will be better able to recognize and enjoy their own success, even while getting knocked down by the world.
  5. Managers and executives will understand why workplace happiness is so critical to their success and their company’s bottom line, while learning how to achieve it with very small changes.


Happiness Number One - Best


Awesome Swag Included!

Bookings of any of the Speak Happiness! talks may include a free copy of the Amazon #1 Seller, Happiness as a Second Language, for each attendee, plus additional giveaways and fun prizes.


Target Audience

The Speak Happiness! talks are ideal for any organization, workplace or professional group. These events help everyone who is seeking long-term happiness in their lives and the positive outcomes that happiness will bestow on the lives of their families, clients, employees, friends and associates.

All of the practical, powerful techniques in these presentations can be done by anyone, regardless of their circumstances. Learning to Speak Happiness does not depend on age, relationship status, health, wealth or background.  All it requires is a desire to be happy.



These presentations can be delivered as a keynote or workshop.

Workshops range from 30 minutes to all day, depending on your needs.

The ideal Speak Happiness! keynote is 45 minutes, plus Q&A.




As one of the 20 YMCAs in the U.S. piloting the Togetherhood project (the YMCA’s signature program for its commitment to Social Responsibility), we were thrilled to invite Valerie Alexander to Kennett Square, Pennsylvania to share her insights and inspiration. One of our goals with the Togetherhood project is to improve happiness in our community, and Valerie’s workshop was the perfect kick-off event. Valerie gave her Speak Happiness! talk to a gathering of 159 attendees, and the response was phenomenal, with people talking about it for weeks to follow, both at the Y and throughout town. On a personal level, Valerie taught techniques that my wife and I use each day, and I can honestly say that we have increased our happiness level since that night!

— Doug Nakashima
Executive Director, Kennett Area YMCA

Thank you, Valerie, for your thought-provoking presentation at our July WIN-Networking meeting. Your enthusiasm and experience as a public speaker and communications trainer certainly came through, as you provided keen insight about how to stay positive in the work place and avoid falling into the “failure spiral.” You inspired our members with meaningful information and techniques that can be used in both our business and personal development. Several members have already finished reading your book, “Happiness as a Second Language,” to gain further insight into your positive message. Based on the favorable feedback from our attendees, WIN would not hesitate to recommend you to others, and invite you back as a future presenter. As one of our members put it, “Valerie is the best speaker we’ve had to date!” 

 — The WIN Leadership Team

You couldn’t keep people away despite the 10 degree weather last Thursday night. People came from all over town to hear Valerie Alexander share her insightful wisdom about Happiness. We all left with warm and happy hearts!  Thank you Valerie – It was wonderful.

— Nancy Pia
Founder, Community Happiness Project


Topic Authority

Valerie is the author of Happiness as a Second Language, a #1 seller in both the Happiness and Self-Help categories on Amazon, Success as a Second Language, and How Women Can Succeed in the Workplace (Despite Having “Female Brains”). She is a regular Huffington Post Happiness contributor, has appeared on numerous talk shows and news programs as a happiness expert, and participated in the U.N. International Day of Happiness.

As a lecturer and visiting professor, Valerie has taught Advanced Microeconomic Theory, and Law and Economics at U.C., Berkeley, and Representations of Law in Film at the Berkeley Law School.

As a screenwriter, Valerie has worked with Joel Schumacher, Catherine Zeta Jones, Ice Cube and others.  She co-wrote, produced and directed the award-winning short film, “Making the Cut,” and has directed more than 40 commercials and public service announcements.

Valerie is a highly sought after speaker, having spoken at conferences, universities, networking groups, professional organizations, churches and other events.

Ready to get started? Reach out right now and let me know your needs and schedule.

Looking forward to working together to help you achieve your goals!

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