Somebody’s Valerie, but Not Anybody’s Valentine


Not celebrating Valentine’s Day makes me very, very happy.  (It also gives my husband a little joy…in the form of relief).

At some point in college, I remember looking around and noticing how stressed out/stupid everyone seemed to get over Valentine’s Day.  Girls who were in relationships were putting crazy pressure on their boyfriends to do something romantic, girls who weren’t in relationships were miserable, and boys…could not care less, unless it meant upsetting their girlfriends to not care, and then they cared out of obligation.

Something clicked for me and I decided that a holiday that made people more miserable than happy does not deserve my attention.  I haven’t acknowledged or cared about Valentine’s Day in over 20 years, and that has never, ever bothered any man I’ve been with.  It fact, once I convince them that it’s for real and not some test, it always makes both of us much happier.

Personally, I feel that the romance in a relationship should be there every day, regardless of the date.  Couples should truly want to show their love for each other and find wonderful ways to do that.  That’s always what I’ve sought in my relationships.

The most romantic day my husband and I have had recently was when I bought and installed  blackout curtains in our bedroom.  NO – IT’S NOT WHAT YOU’RE THINKING!  (Filthy mind…)

Our bedroom is bathed in sunlight early in the morning.  I love this, because it wakes me up and makes it easier to get the day started.  My husband is a night-owl, who often works for hours into the night after I’ve gone to bed, so early morning sun is a major inconvenience.  Long story short – I surprised him with blackout curtains to show him how much I love him.  He thinks it’s the most romantic gift he’s ever received.

Take that, St. Valentine!

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