Snap That Pic! It Will Make You Happy (and Famous)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE when readers send me selfies with the book, even when it’s with a dog or a cat or a penguin (which I guess technically aren’t selfies, since I’m pretty sure the penguin’s flippers aren’t long enough to reach the shutter button).

The pictures are always adorable, and they make me so happy. Got another one this week, which is going straight into the Reader Gallery. It features the adorable Mauricio Pena, who you may recognize from the Happiest Book Trailer Ever!

I’m also thrilled to report that one of my favorite (and most important) blog posts from this site is getting a lot of attention over at the Huffington Post, which thrills me, as I hope it makes people think twice before infecting the world with meanness.

Searching now for the perfect Happy Quote Saturday and Happy Quote Sunday for this weekend, and hopefully more awesome, useful content to flow next week.

Thank you again for reading all of this. Samuel Johnson wrote that, “None but a blockhead would write except for money,” but I’m starting to think he was wrong. Either that, or I’m a blockhead, because I seem to write for joy. The joy you bring me by reading and commenting and sharing.

Not that I would say no to money, but it’s the writing that feeds my soul.

Much love…

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