Sharing Some Extreme Happiness!!

Anyone who has read this blog since Day One knows that it was always intended to be about “Happiness” and “Self-Publishing,” the former of which I am pretty proficient at, and the latter being an area in which I flop around helplessly like an oxygen-starved carp in the bottom of some yokel’s Crestliner.

But today, all of that seems to have changed.  (Okay, not really, but at least there are glimmers of hope…)

Needing more high-profile reviews, I spent the last couple of weeks seeking out top-ranked reviewers on Amazon who might respond positively, personally reaching out to them, and sending copies, if requested.  This took days, and is still ongoing.

And today — it paid off!!

Happiness as a Second Language just got an AMAZING review from one of Amazon’s Top Reviewers!  It is raw and honest and beautiful, and really beyond my expectations.

So now, dear Blog Reader who I adore — I have a request.
Two, actually.
1.  When you have a moment, please rate this latest review as Helpful.  There’s a button at the bottom of the review where Amazon asks, “Did you find this review helpful?” and if you click Yes, it will move it up on the page.  If just 17 people do this (so please be one of them!), it will be the first review people see, which could make a world of difference.
2. If you’ve read the book, please please please post your review.  It would mean the world to me, and will be very helpful to anyone deciding whether to get their own copy.

So, it looks like I’m getting a little better at the Self-Publishing thing.  Maybe, someday, it will come as naturally to me as Happiness.  Or not.  Either way, I’m happy, and hope you are too.

And if not, there’s this book I can recommend…
(ooh, look, I am getting better at this!)

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