Setbacks and Adjustments

I believe the saying goes: “Man plans and God laughs.”

That has been the theme of the week in our house.  Many things that were supposed to be done/funded/in production/on the market/off the to-do list/etc. by the end of March are still staring us in the face.  Incomplete.

It’s a tough lesson.  Things don’t always go according to plan.  Sometimes it’s because things are out of your control, and sometimes these things are perfectly within our control and they don’t get done anyway.

That’s the case with Happiness as a Second Language right now, and it’s very frustrating.  I was waiting on certain things to happen before starting other things, when it all should have been happening simultaneously.  Rookie mistake.  I also had two service providers fail to live up to expectations, with one needing to be replaced and one doing a wonderful job, but about two weeks past the deadline.  Should have accounted for that in my planning.  I mean really, making a plan based on everything working perfectly and on schedule?  I don’t know better by now?

There is still a slim possibility that the book will be available on Amazon on March 31st, as originally announced, but I’m not holding my breath.  That said, it shouldn’t be many days after that.  The cover art is done.  I’m getting the first draft of the layout tonight. If those can be put together by Saturday, I might make it all happen on Sunday.  And if not, the world does not stop turning.

There is a section in the book about the “future uncertain” tense in the language of Happiness.  It basically says that what is happening to you now, which feels like the worst possible outcome, could have unimaginably positive results, that you won’t know until looking back in hindsight.  Or you may never know.  That speeding ticket you’re getting now could be keeping you out of the accident that would have happened at the next intersection.

I choose to tell myself that some magical power in the universe has decided on the best possible date for my book to come out, and that is the date it will come out.  So I will keep planning, and listening for the laughter, and having faith that what is happening now is exactly what’s supposed to be happening now.

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One thought on “Setbacks and Adjustments

  • cheltenhamroad

    Hang in there! Nothing ever goes according to plan but it will all be fine – don’t stress yourself out too much trying to hit that March 31st date. Whenever happiness comes it will be welcome!