Self-Publishing — Your Help Needed

At the start, this blog was always supposed to be about Happiness and Self-Publishing.  It’s just so much easier to write about Happiness that all the posts seem to be about that, but today, we’re back to Self-Publishing.

My friend, Samantha, is an extraordinary photographer, and yesterday she and I did a photo shoot so I could have a picture for the back cover of the book.  I have it narrowed down to two choices (with many voices chiming in), and now your opinion is requested.

The title of the book is Happiness as a Second Language, and the picture must exude happiness.  Someone should flip this book over, see the picture of the author (me) and think, “Damn, that girl could teach me a thing or two about happiness.”

So…which one of these does that better?  To keep them straight, since they may appear different in different browsers, let’s refer to them as the red shirt or the burgundy shirt (with my apologies to those among us who are color blind — I realize this is a distinction without a difference for you.  I get it, I’m face blind).

The Red OneThe Burgundy One

Your thoughts?

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