Pretty Purple LA


Flying home from Knoxville last Sunday, I noticed the strangest phenomenon.
Some neighborhoods looked like they had giant blue houses.
It was as if a whole neighborhood was normal, then BAM! On one street, all of the houses were blue. It was so weird.

We descended a bit further and I saw that these blue houses were oddly shaped as well, then my “7:00 a.m. flight” fog wore off and I realized I was looking at trees and then further realized that my absolute favorite time of the year in LA just arrived. Jacaranda season!

I never knew these trees even existed until I moved here, but now, it is the best sign of the start of summer I have ever experienced – even better than when I was a kid in Indiana on that first day when you didn’t have to wear your jacket home after school.

And I don’t think I ever noticed until I saw it from the sky, but the landscape planners for our fair city are doing one heck of a job! In almost every pocket we flew over, from Riverside all the way to LAX, there was at least one street that was completely lined with Jacarandas – like a comfy purple blanket ensuring warmth and happiness to all who are under it.

Yes, the flowers eventually drop, carpeting the streets and sidewalks, but even that had its beauty. And if that’s what you see when you look at these magnificent trees, then I have a book to recommend to you.

Now, for the next 2-3 weeks, whenever I’m in a bad mood, I just have to go outside, look around and pretty soon I’ll see a purple cloud not ten feet above me, reminding me how much grace and splendor there is in nature. I bet the same is true of your neighborhood. I bet there is something in bloom that can give you a little boost of happy, if you’ll just take a moment to behold it. Share in the comments what you see this time of year that brings you joy. You might help someone else notice the beauty they’ve been missing all along.

Happy Spring, everybody!


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5 thoughts on “Pretty Purple LA

  • Karen B.

    When I first moved to L.A. the Jasmine was blooming. I had never smelled it before. It was so thick and heavy in the air – not easy to get used to for someone who has a very sensitive sniffer! But I’ve been assimilated – my favorite olfactory time of year is when the Jasmine blooms. And now, my favorite time of year visually is Jacaranda season. Thanks for the lovely pictures and this post!

  • Nancy Jean Tierney

    We do have trees like that here in the the spring when all the redbuds come into bud and bloom among the white & pink dogwood trees .. lovely against the opening bright spring leaves in the forests and all thru the horse country trails with the new colts and fillies frolicing. I always take an overnight trip or two into the hills and dales of So. IN and Louisviile-Lexington corridor.