Joy in Frustration

Hi readers,

Well, it’s been another interesting week trying to manage the timing of all of my posts, so now I’m throwing my hands up and saying, “There are some things I can’t control, and I’m okay with that!”

I submitted an article to Huffington Post on Tuesday, a repurposing of an old SpeakHappiness post, and it was on the site within an hour.  Wanting a new post to go up yesterday afternoon, I submitted it yesterday morning and it’s still not up.  Sigh…

However, the universe is awesome, and while feeling sorry for myself for net getting what I wanted, one of this blog’s readers (yes — you!) sent me an article that is far more inspiring than anything I wrote this week, so I’m sharing it here.  Warning — get your Kleenex out.

Thanks, Jolie, for the link.  And thanks, Sharon Kay Edwards, for sharing your story.

We live in a happy, happy world.

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