I am NOT a Grinch!

I love this blog!  I love writing it and hearing from all of the readers, and I especially love the weekend posts (Happy Quote Saturday and Sunday).

holiday stress


Unfortunately, it’s such a busy time promoting the book, and so much of it is spent writing for other sources, that posting fresh content on SpeakHappiness.com is often the one item on the to-do list that doesn’t get crossed off.  The good news is that book sales have been soaring (makes a great gift!), so some of the efforts have paid off.


But I promise, sharing happiness is still the mission, and so I want to at least share my latest two articles:

Four Ways to Have Happier Holidays

and the reason I have to recuse myself from Grinch-hood:

Let’s Ban Weddings and, While We’re at It, Baby Showers Too

I hope you enjoy both and are having a great December!

Happy Holidays!


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2 thoughts on “I am NOT a Grinch!

  • Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt

    I’m chuckling about the weddings as a cause of divorce concept.

    Many years ago, I went home to Mexico with my groom-to-be. I wore my sister’s wedding dress, asked for and did NOT receive a particular style of cake and piece of music for a wedding march, and had a lovely religious ceremony and a party in my grandmother’s garden to which friends of the family all came – and which my Mother did ALL the work. I just showed up. I was halfway through grad school, as was my intended, and we’d already had a civil wedding at school in the states, and a big party for all our friends where he and I did all the cooking.

    I watch things like Bridezilla with true disbelief.

    We are still married after 38 years and three wonderful kids.

    This whole subculture that spend enormous amounts of money on quinceañera parties, sweet 16 parties, graduations, weddings, etc., so the participants can show off – with money in some cases that would have bought them a HOUSE, feels ridiculous – and LOOKS ridiculous. The pressures the participants put on themselves and their guests are unbelievable.

    The rest of life is far more important – and a lot more fun.


    • Valerie Alexander Post author

      I LOVE that! It is so appalling that people will spend $100,000 on a party for a single day with no regard for the 50-year commitment they’re making. You are 31 years ahead of me, but I’m planning to catch up.