Friends, Family, HuffPost Live and Me

Yesterday morning was crazy and hectic. I checked my email at 8:20 and found an invitation to be an on-camera guest on the Guru’s Forum on HuffPost Live, as a result of an article I’d written. By 9:00, I knew that there would be a camera test at 11:00 a.m. for an 11:45 taping, and it would be through Google Hangouts, which works on my iPhone, but not my computer. I put out a desperate plea for help and many friends answered the call, but the real hero was my dear friend, Karen, who not only installed the needed plugin and ran a quick test with me, but had to help me jump through quite a few hoops to get it all to work when the test started, then graciously turned her computer over to me, allowed me to close all the windows in her home (for noise reduction) and camped in a back room with her dogs while the show went live.

Hero #2 was my husband, who dropped what he was doing to drive me half an hour away, to Karen’s place, giving me time to read the other articles that we would be discussing on the show (which was now less than an hour away).

Everything came off without a hitch, although there are a few things about my hair and makeup I’d like to change, and you can watch the final, 24-minute result here.

This was a lot of fun, but would not have worked at all without Karen and Rick. Love you both! Big thanks to everyone else who volunteered to help. You are awesome.  Yes, I am using the word “awesome,” with all its implications.  I can’t help myself.

Now, back to the everyday business of writing, promoting and selling.  Watch this space for some fun upcoming announcements of live Speak Happiness events in LA.

Have a happy day!

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