How To Survive Doing Things you HATE


Hum along to the tune we all know:

Domain Name Servers…
HTML Coding…
Snotty support guys I’m secretly loathing…
Building my own website, on a shoestring
These are my absolute LEAST favorite things!

Why is it that doing anything technical on my computer makes the muscles behind my rib cage tighten like nothing else?  I am not a Luddite.  I’ve been using PCs and Macs since they first came out.  I was on the Internet before most people heard of the Internet.  I was the first lawyer in my firm to use email to communicate with clients, and that was after we’d lost Netscape as a client.  I took E*TRADE public!

NO ONE intimidates me.  As an attorney, my clients included Malcolm Turnbull and Christos Cotsakos.  My boss when I was an investment banker was Kim Fennebresque.  These are people I regularly had to “speak truth” to, and I could.  No problem.

And yet, the act of needing to set up a domain name I own on a server I pay for and point it to a blog I write can make me want to curl up in a ball under my desk.

So here’s how I handle it.  I take deep breaths and force myself to just get started.  Once you start, you can always force yourself to finish. Luckily, I chose a hosting service that has insane levels of customer support (thank you Site5!), so I can open a support chat as soon as I sign in, and just plow through.

Not that it worked that way.  My first support guy was awful, but in the interest of full disclosure, I discovered that I had been going through the Sales department’s chat, so mea culpa.  He probably wondered why I was asking about transfer codes when he just wanted to sell me programming services.

After a few tears and a much-needed break to watch March Madness, I started again, stayed calm, and got the help and the results I needed…for now.  I was able to set up my own domain name –, point it at this blog, create two email addresses, and establish mail accounts for them on my Mac.  I realize this can all be accomplished by your average 7-year-old, but I am super proud of it.  Deeeeeep breaths…

Next, I have to build the SpeakHappiness website.  Before the book launches.  Yikes!

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