Happy Quote Sunday — or rather, Happy Howl Sunday

Sorry this is so late!  The holiday season is taking its toll, but I had to post this as soon as I saw it.  I love-love-love this pup.  Sadly, it is getting my puppy juices flowing (a very dangerous sentiment right before Christmas).

I hope you adore this clip as much as I do.  And if you are feeling blue any time over the next couple of weeks (I get it, the holidays can have that effect on people), just watch this video again and let it make you smile.

Much love and wishes for a happy, healthy holiday!


happy husky pup(And if you’re still trying to think of that perfect gift for someone, sending an ebook is affordable, easy and instantaneous.  Millions are available at your fingertips, including Happiness as a Second Language — an Amazon Top Seller in both the Happiness and Self Help categories!)


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