3 thoughts on “Happy Quote Sunday

  • Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt

    My sister tells the story of the monkey who got away from his cage. The keepers put out a large heavy glass jar with a throat just big enough for the monkey to put his paw in – and they put a walnut or two in the bottom.

    The monkey reached down, grabbed the walnut – and then was stuck (and recaptured) because his fist, clasped around the nut, was too big to pull back out of the heavy bottle.

    It’s like when we have such a hold on something negative that it traps us.

    Her advice? Let go of the nut.

    • Valerie Alexander Post author

      Alicia, I love seeing your name pop up in my comments inbox. I know that whatever you share is going to be beautiful and spot on. Thank you so much for following this blog and just being you!

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