Happy Quote Sunday

These apply to one person in my life right now, who I know is going to return to happiness soon, but I thought I’d share them with everyone.

If they apply to you, I hope you know that happiness is waiting for you in the direction you’re headed, and if they apply to someone you know, please share this post.  Happiness is too precious to give up on just because sadness is visiting for a while.


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2 thoughts on “Happy Quote Sunday

  • Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt

    It is a sad time, and descended on us in spite of my efforts, much too quickly. But that’s what families are for – supporting each other in sad times.

    I am happy we can be here for each other, and hope to come out the other end still speaking to each other.

    It has not been good for fiction, but I am glad that I still return to writing the novel, what I do for me, as soon as there is the bit of time and the slice of energy. It is a hiatus, not a reason to stop. I’m still on the track, but the train is resting on a siding for a bit.