Happy Quote Sunday

Peanuts Happiness
That’s all that matters.

It’s the last Sunday in August — make it count.  Enjoy the weather, go someplace you’ve been wanting to check out, cook something different, splurge on dessert, kiss your next of kin, be outrageously happy.

And if you’re looking for something truly awesome to do on a late summer Sunday, please take a few moments today to post your review of Happiness as a Second Language on Amazon.  It’ll make you happy.  It will also make you happy to send a copy to a friend who might enjoy it…or might need it.  In fact, that’ll make both of you happy.  Have an amazing day.

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2 thoughts on “Happy Quote Sunday

  • verawrites

    Love your blog, Valerie. I spoke 2 languages by the time I was 4 years old. I was just starting to get fluent in ‘happiness’ and something happened. By the time I was 5, I started learning a 3rd language, English. Happiness fell by the wayside – tho there were brief occasional resurgences. Now, I am focusing on learning/living ‘joy’ but I’m keen on learning ‘happiness’ too.