Happy Quote Saturday

I had lunch yesterday with my very dear friend, David Cheaney, who is not only a master artisan woodworker, but also an established blogger.

When discussing SpeakHappiness, I mentioned my commitment to post every day, and shortly after that he referred to me posting Monday through Friday and I told him that I planned to post every day.  Saturday and Sunday included.

He then rewarded me with a remarkable insight.  He said, “You might want to give your readers a break.  Even people who really want to read your stuff might not be able to get to it every day, then it piles up, then becomes a chore.”

He was right.  Isn’t that true of so many blogs and online news sources we read?

But I had to balance David’s (brilliant) advice with my own commitment, so I decided that Saturdays and Sundays would be when I share a single quote about Happiness from my vast collection of favorites.

And in honor of the remarkable movie, Lincoln, today’s quote comes from the man himself:

Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.  — Abraham Lincoln

So do with that what you will.  There will be another one here tomorrow (without this laborious explanation), then back to our regularly scheduled posts on Monday, with “Changing the Energy in the Encounter.”

Have a happy weekend!

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