Happy International Day of Happiness!


To celebrate this day, share something wonderful that you feel about someone with them. Post it on their timeline, text or email it to them. Let’s make this day about how happy we can make the people in our lives.

Don’t miss this amazing chance to truly spread Happiness!

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2 thoughts on “Happy International Day of Happiness!

  • Betty Hugo

    I have a big grin on my face today. Perhaps its just because I wear that invisible bubble that reads out loud to some individuals how happy or sad I am at times. And those times of good or sad of the silly things we go through that we think are so vital yet so minimal of what truly makes us happy. Hope that makes sense.. because my two kids always prove to me how silly I took things soooo seriously that I can’t even remember.

    Happy International Day of Happiness to all that live on this beautiful world.