Happiness-Success Formula Telesummit – RIGHT NOW!!

Don’t forget, I am participating in the Happiness-Success Formula Telesummit today at 9:00 a.m. PT, noon ET. Registration is free and you have access to all of the archived talks until June 27th.

But if you want to catch me live, hop on now!

My talk is “How to Find Happiness in the Workplace Every Day, Whether Sitting at a Desk, Digging a Ditch, or Saving the World.”

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One thought on “Happiness-Success Formula Telesummit – RIGHT NOW!!

  • Nancy Jean Tierney

    Really enjoyed the program…there were great points to help oneself put up a shield against the toxic person one has work with, or deal with, infecting your own attitude. Maintaining ones own aura of happiness and total non-toxicity when chaos and negativity abounds is something we all need to master. Valerie’s ‘visualization’ technique hint, is a terrific lesson to learn to protect oneself from negativity and respond with a more tranquil aspect toward the problem person and help salvage any workplace friction from blowing up. Coming back to a happier state produces the desired results of problem resolution.