Happiness Replay: When a Picture is Worth a Thousand Tears (from 01/22/13)

You can’t look at this photo and know what’s going on in it, but once I explain it, you may just weep with joy, as I did.


Over the weekend, my husband and I were at a bar/restaurant that had live music on the outdoor patio.  It was packed!  All the tables were full on the bar side, and standing room only on the patio below, but on the restaurant side, there were dozens of empty tables overlooking the patio, with just one couple sitting in the whole room.

We were planning to have dinner there anyway, so my husband went to ask if we could be seated in that area and he was told that it was closed until 5:00. (A choice I find incredibly stupid, but whatever…it’s not my restaurant)

While he was off asking about the table, the band launched into “I Can’t Imagine That,” at which point, the one and only couple seated on the restaurant side stood to go, and that’s when I noticed the seeing-eye dog.

The husband was blind, which is why they were permitted to sit there.

Only, they weren’t standing to go.  They had gotten up to dance.

I can’t explain why this moves me so much, but with a faithful yellow lab standing by, two people who appeared to be very much in love danced to one of the most beautiful love songs ever in a small closed area of a restaurant.

I tried to get it all in the picture without showing their faces (they deserve their privacy), but what could make you happier than seeing that?

In the blog post Change Your View, I said that being happy depends on what you see when you look in your own back yard, but I stand corrected.

Being happy doesn’t seem to depend on seeing at all.

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