Everything in my Office is Mocking Me!

This week has been insane for a whole variety of reasons, including a pitch that I thought was on the 30th actually being on the 20th, but as of this morning, almost everything critical is out of the way, and now it’s time to get back to normal.

(The pitch was a smashing success by the way, and it looks like we are moving forward to the next step.  Yay!!)

Now, “back to normal” means finalizing the artwork for the book cover, getting the digital and print layouts set up, continuing to build the website and develop an online audience for Happiness as a Second Language, plus other educational, volunteer and writerly pursuits, as well as pay bills, file health insurance claims, do my taxes (yikes!) and other life requirements.

But this morning, I walked into my office, looked at my desk and computer and chair and phone and could feel them mocking me.  They were laughing at the concept that I could even get started, much less get anything done.

The sheer stacks of papers that need to be plowed through are daunting, but that doesn’t compare to the 86 emails in my “to read” file (as opposed to the “to reply” file, which I generally keep on top of) and the phone calls that must be returned.  The “to read” pile is for blogs I follow, mailing lists I’m on, comment threads I’ve joined, etc. and these 86 emails have already been filtered down.  In other words, these are 86 emails I’ve glanced at and actually want to read.

So, with this post going live, item #8 is crossed off a very long to-do list.  Somehow, having every task written down is extremely comforting.  It makes me feel like I’m getting some things done and have a plan for the rest, and that makes me happy.

Take that, desk!

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