Dragged Kicking and Screaming onto Facebook

You know that you really, really have to break down and do something when your page layout artist in India suggests it.  Ignoring every other self-publishing guidepost and marketing expert is one thing, but when Ramesh says, “A lot of authors I work with make Facebook pages for their books, and that seems like a good idea,” you know it’s time to listen.

So…”Happiness as a Second Language” has an official facebook page.
Please “Like” it as soon as you get the chance.
And please keep following this blog.
And thank you for following it so far.
There will be a lot more in the next few weeks about how and when to get the book, plus all the usual musings about life, love and Happiness.

And I want to give a special shoutout to Jade Reyner, for always leaving such nice comments on my posts.  That spreads happiness, which is why we’re all here!

6 thoughts on “Dragged Kicking and Screaming onto Facebook

  • LillianC

    What does your page layout artist think about creating a fan page for you as an author? It’s been suggested to me that I have this done. I’m eager to have informed opinions.

    • speakhappiness

      Since this is my first book, I’m not really in Fan Page territory. If you have multiple books, it’s probably a very good idea — gives a place for readers to come communicate with you, if they want. Also, it’s free, so there seems to be no downside. I have a couple of friends who have fan pages. I’ll ask them to come here and weigh in.

  • jadereyner

    Hi! I’ve only just picked up this post – not sure how I missed it before! Just wanted to say a huge thanks for the mention above, I really enjoy your blog so it’s a pleasure to read and comment. Best wishes with your FB page (I’m not a big fan of FB if I’m honest!), I much prefer Twitter.. but like you say, you have to be seen to be in the right places! Good luck with the book too. 🙂

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