Don’t Buy My Book!

That is perhaps the craziest headline ever, but there’s a good reason for it.

March 20th is the United Nation’s International Day of Happiness, and I will be participating in as many ways possible — including running a Kindle Countdown deal, selling Happiness as a Second Language for $1.99.

In other words — don’t buy the e-book now, because next week you will be able to get it for 72% off the regular retail price.  If you’ve been thinking about getting this book, or been wanting to send a copy to a friend or relative (yes, you can gift e-books), then now is the time. (And by “now,” I mean next Thursday.)

72% off for 72 hours.  Put it on your calendar!

Also, in conjunction with this fantastic international happiness event, I will be conducting all kinds of fun promotions, posts and giveaways.

The first one is already up and running — a Facebook giveaway through the Book of the Month Club that you can enter by Liking and Sharing their post.

I will also be giving away free copies of the Audiobook, and watch this space for a very special offer of the “One Day of Fluent Happiness” workbook — also free!

IMG_1029Happy things are happening all around the world.

Happiness is afoot, and it’s only getting bigger, better and more widespread.

So — don’t buy Happiness as a Second Language.  Today.  But, soon…

Good books come to those who wait.

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