Did You Just Win?

I saw this car parked on my street and had to snap the pic.



There is something awesome about that sentiment.  “I Just Won.”

Okay, maybe in the most pedantic, on-the-nose, sense, the owner actually won this car, but I’d like to think that’s not what it means.  I like to think that whoever bought this plate sees this car as proof that he or she has won — in life, and that makes him happy.  Heck, it makes me happy just thinking about it.

What do you have in life that you’d like to slap an “IJSTWON” plate on?

For me, it’s my husband.  No matter what else is going on — career, health, money — I can look at him and say, “Yeah.  I won.”

Look around.  What shows you that you won?  Is it your job?  Your kids?  Your lifestyle?  Your friends? Your freedom? That degree hanging on the wall?  That 15-pound bass hanging on the wall?  Are you pursuing some dream that you get closer to every day?  There is something, I know it.  Look at it right now and say, “I just won.”

But if that winning feeling is totally absent, do something about it.  Either re-assess your view on the things you’ve achieved (because I bet there are all kinds of things in your life that other folks would look at and say, “Geez, she won!”), or start moving towards whatever will give you that feeling.

And don’t be afraid to think it now and then.
I’m Happy.  Life is Good.
I Just Won.

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