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Please allow up to a week for a reply. I’m traveling frequently these days, but I promise to respond as quickly as possible. Looking forward to hearing from you!

6 thoughts on “Contact Valerie

  • Pam Boyd

    Just finished the book. I’ll buy copies for lots of friends. Great job! Love your humor! Thanks for following The Two-Minute Tune-Up blog too! (Also liked your funny trailer.) Pam

  • Greg Jones

    Good morning Valarie. I heard your interview on 960am today. Very good content and love your topic! I would like to have a conversation with you to see if you would would be interested to be on our new podcast?

    Hope you and family are having a great weekend.

    Greg Jones

  • Erica Diamond


    I love what you are doing but have one suggestion for this page: more graphics/photos/drawings and a layout that directs the reader.

    Hope this makes sense! Thanks for this and being you.


    • Valerie Alexander Post author

      Thank you so much, Erica! Yes, I need to revamp the layout throughout. That’s the next big project on the agenda.

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