Being Less Than Perfect Makes Me VERY Happy

Today’s post is about the book, the whole book and nothing but the book.  Sorry if that’s a little self-serving, but something just happened that made me very happy.  I got my first 4-STAR review on Amazon!!

I am so excited!


(1) Whoever wrote it says some really awesome things about the book;
(2) I have no idea who this person is; and
(3) Only having 5-star reviews was starting to look hinky. (not to say you shouldn’t write a 5-star review if that’s how you really feel…)

It’s so easy to be happy when you look at things with the right perspective. Dock me one star?  Thanks! Now it looks balanced, and still very, very positive.  I feel like I’ve finally “arrived” as an author.

Thanks, readers, for indulging me with this ridiculous post.  It’s just something I wanted to share.
And if you’ve read the book, and love it, and haven’t done so yet, WRITE YOUR REVIEW TODAY!

You will make me so happy.

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