Because the Week Has Now Become About Self-Promotion…


I don’t know how it happened, and it certainly wasn’t planned, but somehow this week’s posts have become a treatise on/cry for self-promotion. It started with Why Be the Angry Unsubscriber?, which inspired Embarrass Yourself with Effort, Not Fear, so I am closing out the week with this post:

Please LIKE Me!

“Likes” matter. On Amazon, they can actually figure into your author rankings and on Facebook they mean your posts reach more people.  Soooo…

Please Like my author page on Amazon.
Please Like the “Happiness as a Second Language” Page on Facebook.

As an added incentive — if you do both, then come back here and say in the comments section that you’ve done it, then:
(1) You are free to include links to your FB and Author Pages in the comment and I will “Like” both of them; and
(2) For everyone who tells me they’ve done it in the comments section, I will email you a super-cool Facebook Marketing tip for how to make your FB page more visible.

There’s no cost, and you can’t lose, so fire up those Like buttons!!

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