Be Happy for the Victor – Even when it’s Not You

I did something enormously difficult today.  I hit the “Like” button on a Facebook post.  Not just any Facebook post – the post of a person who is getting something I truly want.  As a screenwriter, I have a whole lot of friends who are also screenwriters, ranging from the “#1 movie of the weekend” type to the “just had to get a day job” type.

My own struggle and benchmark is getting my work produced (by someone other than me).  I want a movie on a screen with my name as the writer on a production where I didn’t have to rent or return any of the equipment.

So, it turns out, a friend who is at my exact same career level has a movie going forward into production.  And I am happy for him.  Truly.  And at the same time, sad for me.  But that’s okay.  We’re all still human beings, after all.

What I don’t wish is that it was me instead of him.  I wish it were both of us, and if it has to be not me, then I’m glad it’s him.  That’s part of my ongoing quest to be happy – being happy for other people, even when I’m a little blue…and green.

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