A Very Happy Blog Update

On January 1st of this year, I launched this blog and made a commitment for the first 30 days to post every single day.  Done.

After that, it’s been my goal to post something about happiness and/or self-publishing at least three times a week, plus the Happy Quote weekend posts.  Done.

Now, as things heat up with both the book and the screenwriting career, along with all the necessary marketing that accompanies, I am finding a more defined schedule is needed, so here’s the plan:

  1. Every Monday, something new and interesting here about Happiness and/or Self-Publishing
  2. Every Tuesday, a re-blog of something awesome from another writer
  3. Every Thursday I will be posting a regular Happiness column at the Huffington Post, so will link to that here, with the hopes that you’ll click/read/share/comment over there, if so inspired
  4. Happy Quote Saturday and Happy Quote Sunday will live on, unchanged

Of course, any extreme awesomeness or great news could disrupt this meticulous schedule and cause a bonus post. Fingers crossed for that!

And I am always available by email and in the comments to talk about any questions you might have, from the book or any SpeakHappiness posts.

Thanks for reading.  You are amazing!


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