#SpeakHappiness Wednesday

IMG_7271Hooray, it’s Happy-Making Day!

Down in San Diego, California, Comic-con starts today.  This is the best weekend of the year for fanboys, geek girls, and everyone else who is made to feel out of place for being who they are and loving what they love.

You must know a nerd. At least one. Today is the day to call, email, or face-to-face tell that person that you admire them. It might be for their smarts, their humor, their knowledge of obscure weapons of Westeros — who cares? Make an outsider feel like an insider today. You’ll both be happier.

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Happy Happy Sunday!

LLneworleansToday is my first full day of vacation with two of the greatest women on the planet, celebrating a 27 year best-friendship on a trip that is long overdue.

I was devastated by what Hurricane Katrina did to this city. So much so that I flew to Houston and volunteered at the Astrodome as soon as it happened.


That was the experience of a lifetime. The people of both Houston and New Orleans are some of the finest in the world, and it was a privilege to work alongside them as some provided shelter and others struggled to rebuild their lives.


Now, I’m ready to drink in once again all that is The Big Easy.

Good friends, good food, good music and good spirits — this is what Happiness is made of.

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Happy Quote Saturday!

Be positiveIt’s so much more than leadership, though.

  • It’s Intelligence, since being negative doesn’t make your situation any better, so why go there?
  • It’s Compassion, since someone else might be having a much harder time in the situation, so you can boost them up with your spirit.
  • It’s Success, since you are proving to the world that your attitude is not outcome dependent, but comes from within you, which means no one can ever take it away!
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#SpeakHappiness Wednesday

IMG_7271This is the day we spread happiness!

If you are in a public place at any time during the day today, sing out loud. Think of a happy song that puts people in a good mood, and sing a few bars of it. Get it stuck in someone else’s head. Too tone-deaf to do that? Too Shy? Okay, do a little dance step. At some point, tap a few steps, do some soft-shoe, try a little cha-cha-cha. Someone will see you, and it will make their day. And it might be fun for you, too!

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Happy Quote Sunday!

Pug in ChairYesterday was some pretty heavy stuff, so today I give you a pug in a chair. Because happiness…

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Happy Quote Saturday!

peanuts happyThis week is the 16th anniversary of the loss of both of my grandparents.

I loved them so so so much, and I miss them all the time, but knowing they are still with me, and that I will someday see them again, keeps me very happy.

Also, I know my pup Jasmine is with them, which is great. Poppy finally has the big dog he always wanted.

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#SpeakHappiness Wednesday

IMG_7271Time to spread Happiness again. YAY!!

Sometime today, snap a picture with your phone of something beautiful, or funny, or inspiring. Share that picture with friends. Ask them to send one in return.

This will get you noticing the simple happiness that surrounds you every day.


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Happy Independence Day!

Quotation-Thomas-Paine-life-good-country-religion-happiness-god-world-independence-Meetville-Quotes-192495 Hope you have a spectacular long weekend full of fun, family, freedom and Happiness!!

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#SpeakHappiness Wednesday

IMG_7271Happy Freedom Wednesday!

In two days, America will celebrate her independence. Is there someone in your world who took a daring chance to become independent, either from a bad job, the wrong relationship, or a difficult family?

Now would be a great time to pick up the phone or jot an email to say, “I’m proud of you. That took guts, and you did it!”

Sometimes, this is all someone needs to maintain their freedom.

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Happy Sunday! (A #HuffPost Recall)

Happiness Number One - BestToday, I am directing a short film based on my Huffington Post article, Mean Pictures Aren’t Funny. If you haven’t read this yet, please do, and share your thoughts here.

I cannot wait to share this video with you, as it will remind everyone to think before you snap, share and comment.
I hope, anyway.

Spread Happiness!


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